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There are two kinds of XCP-ng releases: standard releases and Long Term Support (LTS) releases.

🟢 LTS Releases

Latest LTS: XCP-ng 8.2

Using the Long Term Support version is relevant if:

  • you want to be sure the system will stay stable
  • you want to have all security fixes without doing major upgrades every year
  • you want a predictable migration path on a longer timeframe
  • you don't care about new features coming for the next years

LTS releases are supported for 5 years:

If you prefer to get the latest improvements, go for our latest standard release.

🟡 Standard Releases

Latest: XCP-ng 8.2

Using the standard release is relevant if:

  • you want to enjoy the most recent features and enhancements
  • you want to have the latest hardware support
  • you want to enjoy more performances
  • it's not a problem to do an upgrade twice a year or so

Standard releases are supported until the next release, plus a few months to give you some time to transition. Check the support dates in the table below.

If you prefer to be more conservative, go for our LTS release.


Right now, the latest standard release (8.2) is also the LTS release. When XCP-ng 8.3 will be released, it will become the latest standard release, and 8.2 will stay as the latest LTS.

🔴 Pre Releases

Latest Pre Release: XCP-ng 8.3 Beta 1

Using a pre release is only relevant for testing. Check our latest 8.3 Beta 1 blog post for more information.

All releases

VersionReleasedStatusSupport untilRelease notes
8.3 Beta 1Not yet releasedPre-release/Beta1--
8.2 LTS8.2.0: 2020-11-18
8.2.1: 2022-02-28
Full support, LTS2025-06-258.2 Release notes
8.12020-03-31EOL2021-03-318.1 Release notes