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If you have a problem or a question on XCP-ng, there's 2 options: community support (mostly on XCP-ng Forum) or pro support.

The 3-Step-Guide

Here is our handy 3-Step-Guide:

  1. Check the logs. Check your settings. Check all the articlesbelow here. If you already did, proceed to Step 2.
  2. Get help at our Forum or get help on Discord or on IRC and provide as much information as you can:
    • ☑️ What did you exactly do to expose the bug?
    • 🚀 XCP-ng Version
    • 🖥️ Hardware
    • 🏭 Infrastructure
    • 📰 Logs
    • 📺 Screenshots
    • 🛑 Error messages
  3. Share your solution on the forum, others can benefit from your experience.

Pro Support: if you have subscribed to Pro support, well, don't hesitate to use it! We are also here to assist you BEFORE you have any problem