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Installation and upgrade

Upgrade here designates an upgrade using the installation ISO

If the installer starts booting up then crashes or hangs

  • First of all check the integrity of the ISO image you downloaded, using the provided checksum
  • Try the other boot options
    • alternate kernel
    • safe mode
  • Try to boot with the iommu=0 xen parameter.

How to add or remove boot parameters from command line.

  • On UEFI mode, you can edit the grub entries with e. Xen parameters are on lines starting with multiboot2 /boot/xen.gz and kernel parameters on lines starting with module2 /boot/vmlinuz.
  • On BIOS mode, you can enter a menu by typing menu and then modify the boot entries with the TAB key. Xen parameters are between /boot/xen.gz and the next ---. Kernel parameters are between /boot/vmlinuz and the next ---.

If any of the above allows to work around your issue, please let us know (github issues). We can't fix issues we aren't aware of.

During installation or upgrade

You can reach a shell with ALT+F2 (or ALT+RIGHT) and a logs console with ALT+F3 (or ALT+RIGHT twice).

Full installation log are populated in real time in /tmp/install-log. They can be read with view /tmp/install-log.

When asking for help about installation errors, providing this file increases your chances of getting precise answers.

The target installation partition is mounted in /tmp/root.

Installation logs

The installer writes in /var/log/installer/.

The main log file is /var/log/installer/install-log.

Debugging the installer

You can build your own installer.