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TLS certificate for XCP-ng

How to add a TLS certificate?

After installing XCP-ng, access to xapi via XCP-ng Center or Xen Orchestra is protected by TLS with a self-signed certificate: this means that you have to either verify the certificate signature before allowing the connection (comparing against signature shown on the console of the server), either work on trust-on-first-use basis (i.e. assume that the first time you connect to the server, nobody is tampering with the connection).

If you would like to replace this certificate by a valid one, either from an internal Certificate Authority or from a public one, you'll find here some indications on how to do that.

Note that if you use an non-public certificate authority and XenOrchestra, you have additional configuration to specify on Xen Orchestra side.

Generate certificate signing request

You can use the auto-generated key to create a certificate signing request:

openssl req -new -key /etc/xensource/xapi-ssl.pem -subj '/CN=XCP-ng hypervisor/' -out xcp-ng.csr

Install the certificate chain (for XCP-ng v8.2+)

Once you have your certificates, upload the certificates to your XCP-ng host, then use the following command to install the certificates:

xe host-server-certificate-install certificate=<path to certificate> private-key=<path to key> certificate-chain=<path to chain>

The certificate-chain parameter is optional. The private key can be deleted after certificate is installed for additional security. For additional details check Citrix documentation.

Done! Visit your XCP-ng host ip using a browser and validate the certificate is correct.

Install the certificate chain (for XCP-ng up to v8.1)

The certificate, intermediate certificates (if needed), certificate authority and private key are stored in /etc/xensource/xapi-ssl.pem, in that order. You have to replace all lines before -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY---- with the certificate and the chain you got from your provider, using your favorite editor (nano is present on XCP-ng by default).

Then, you have to restart xapi :

systemctl restart xapi