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Xen Orchestra CLI

Xen Orchestra CLI or xo-cli is a module allowing you to send commands directly from the command line to your Xen Orchestra server.

Thanks to introspection, xo-cli will detect all the available features exposed in the xo-server API.

> xo-cli --help

xo-cli --register <XO-Server URL> <username> [<password>]
Registers the XO instance to use.

xo-cli --unregister
Remove stored credentials.

xo-cli --list-commands [--json] [<pattern>]...
Returns the list of available commands on the current XO instance.

The patterns can be used to filter on command names.

xo-cli --list-objects [--<property>]… [<property>=<value>]...
Returns a list of XO objects.

Restricts displayed properties to those listed.

Restricted displayed objects to those matching the patterns.

xo-cli <command> [<name>=<value>]...
Executes a command on the current XO instance.

Check XO CLI documentation for more details.


Unlike xe which is only connected to one pool, xo-cli has access to all pools connected via Xen Orchestra. This is the preferred way to manage your infrastructure, using XO as a central point.