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How XCP-ng is developed.

Development in the context of the XCP-ng project means either to contribute to existing upstream projects, such as the Xen API (XAPI, the Xen project and many other components of XCP-ng, or to develop new software specifically for the XCP-ng project.

Contribution to upstream projects

Development (as in "write code") in XCP-ng project is mostly made of contributions to upstream projects such as, or

For some pieces of upstream software, we have GitHub "forks" at For others we contribute directly without a GitHub fork and apply the patches directly on the RPMs at

Components we are the upstream for

Components for which we are the main developers.

Our policy is to upstream everything if possible. However, there are some exceptions:

  • Components that have no "upstream" open source equivalent. xcp-emu-manager ( is such a component that we had to write from scratch because the corresponding component in XenServer, emu-manager, is closed-source.
  • Bits specific to the act of building XCP-ng (various scripts, branding stuff...). The main example is

How to help at development

It all depends on your skills and areas of interest so it's hard to tell specifically in advance. It usually starts with a feature that you want, or a bug that is annoying you. Alternatively, having a look at the open GitHub issues and picking one ( can be a way to get started. Even if you don't know where to start, just come and talk with us (see Where discussion happens above).