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What XCP-ng is made of

What's inside XCP-ng?

XCP-ng is a collection of components, that put together create a complete turnkey virtualization solution that you can install to bare-metal servers. Those components are packaged in the RPM format.

As usual in the Free Software world, we stand on the shoulders of giants:

  • CentOS: many RPM packages come from the CentOS Linux distribution, which in turn is based on Red Hat's RHEL, mostly based itself on the work of the Fedora project, all based on the work of all the developers who wrote the FLOSS software that is packaged in those Linux distributions. Examples: glibc, GNU coreutils, openssh, crontabs, iptables, openssl and many, many more.
  • EPEL: a few packages come from EPEL.
  • XenServer: most packages that make XCP-ng what it is have been rebuilt from source RPMs released by the XenServer project, with or without modifications. This includes xen, a patched Linux kernel, the Xen API, and many others. This also includes redistributable drivers or tools from third party vendors.
  • XCP-ng: the remaining packages are additions (or replacements of closed-source components) to the original XenServer distribution.